Day Seven: 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge – Creating Daily Routines

It is day seven of the 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering challenge.  Are you staying on track with your schedule? It is hard to stay motivated on days you are tired or busy.  Here are some of the daily routines I use to keep order with a young family.

Always do the dishes immediately after dinner

Many young families struggle with keeping up with household chores. Fatigue and distraction play a part. It feels easier to just leave something for later, but then it begins to pile up and create a larger chore.  We find that dealing with dishes quickly after dinner helps us feel more settled to relax at night.  It is such a routine now that we do it automatically.  The kids help bring the dishes to the sink, someone loads, and someone packs leftovers up.  It is done very quickly.  We use this time to have the kids start putting away their toys around the house too.  We motivate each other by working as a team and we still have time to play and enjoy family time before bed.  The best part?   When my husband and I are done with the bed time routine we come down to a clean kitchen and toy-free space.


Make your bed every day

It seems like a simple thing, but many people rush through the morning  and leave their bed un-made.  Make your bed everyday as a daily routine and your room will feel more put together and relaxing when you go to bed at night.  I encourage the kids to make their beds each day as well to give them that feeling of routine and order as well.


No Toys in kids bedrooms

We practice only having books or stuffed animals in our kids bedrooms.  It helps us contain the toys to the playroom (or toy cabinet). Our kids’ bedrooms are so easy to maintain on a daily basis.  Putting away a few books each night an throwing some clothes in a hamper is simple daily routine for them and encourages their room to be a special quiet space.


Deal with school paperwork as soon as it comes home

I empty my kids’ school bags with them as soon as they walk in the door.  Again, it is about creating a daily routine for them and me to make sure we don’t miss an important note or forget to clean the lunch box to get it ready for the next day.  I like to answer notes, permission slips, event notices and school lunch sign-ups immediately.  I get them right back into my son’s folder to go back to school.  If I leave it in a pile to look at later I am more likely to forget to answer it at all or get it on my calendar.


Put laundry away while my kids take a bath

Another routine that has become part of my household is to put any laundry away while my kids are taking a bath.  Having a designated time to fold and sort keeps clothes moving to their home in our house.  The kids stay occupied so I speed through it. Since we do laundry almost daily, I feel like the routine keeps me from procrastinating the chore and it is easy to complete before bed time.  If the kids finish their bath while I am still working on it I have them help me put away their sorted clothes. They understand where everything is in the drawers and they help me do the chore!

Have you noted the theme yet?  Make certain tasks an automatic daily routine to help you keep up with them.  Once it is a routine you do it without thinking.  That makes it so much less of a chore.


Happy Organizing,




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