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Closet Organization Tips From The Organized Lifestyle

Getting a closet in order can be a challenge if you are not using the space to your advantage.  Designing the perfect closet does not have to be pricy and there are many tools out there to help you maximize the space and help you find what you need quickly.


The first rule with closets is to really assess what you are wearing.   For some people getting rid of clothing is a difficult chore.  Even though they know that the outfit is as old as their 20 year old child, and sadly out of style, they want to hold on to it because it is still wearable.  Many of my female clients insist upon keeping clothing that no longer fits them because “someday I hope to get back into that size” or “those are my skinny jeans that help me reveal whether I have lost weight.”  I am not against keeping such measuring tools, but not a whole wardrobe’s worth of clothing that no longer fits.  Sentimentality can also play a large role in not throwing away clothing. 


It is important when cleaning out the clothes in your closet you come to grip with the reality that your decade-old clothes are probably not as fashionable as you would like them to be.  You must also face the fact that even if you finally lost the weight that you gained since you were in school or after the birth of a child, you are probably going to want to celebrate by going out to buy new clothes to fit your new body and not wear the skinny wardrobe you are so desperately holding onto.


Now that the hardest part is over, you can really look at what your closet has to offer.  Consider space-saving measures like installing a lower rod to double your hanging space.  Put shelves at the top of the rod to hold sweaters, shoeboxes etc.  There are so many options for closet solutions out on the market I cannot even begin to list them all here.  Some of my favorites out there are ones like the Fold N’ Stax that help keep stacked clothes in place on a closet shelf.  I also recommend using clear plastic shoe boxes that are all the same size to neatly stack shoes on a top shelf or in the bottom of a closet.  If you like you want extra shelving space on the top of your closet without having to install a whole other shelf, consider purchasing stacking shelf dividers that interlock into each other.  These can be used to store shoes, purses, sweaters or other accessories.


If you are looking for a dramatic change I suggest getting a built-in closet.  Custom closet designs are no longer just about shelving.  You can get drawers, tie racks, shoe cubbies and jewelry organizers placed in your closet.  Some units can look like pieces of furniture when they are complete


Kristin Mastromarino is a professional organizer at Livable Solutions, LLC (www.livablesolutions.com), owner of The Organized Lifestyle retail store and is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  You can email her your questions at kristin@livablesolutions.com.

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