Cleaning the Basement

Wendy McGee, Author of Life With Wendy (
My basement is a bombing zone. Now that the attic is cleaned, this week let’s work on our basements. Last week Kristin said the basement consisted of our past. This requires skill to dig our way out from under. The strategy behind my basement is to cut the room into sections and begin cleaning out one section at a time. Once that section is clean then I can move to a different. I just can’t imagine what people in California do without a basement. Where would I hide all the patio furniture or the work bench or the ski equipment or the Christmas decorations? So here we are and I am sure there are boxes of stuff I can toss or send to good will but I am not sure of where to begin. There are things that I couldn’t let go like the Barbie toys from when I was a little girl and the files of cancelled checks and paperwork.
Kristin what do you think I should do to begin? What can I let go of because there are people that don’t hold onto this much stuff, I am sure of it.

Check in tomorrow for Kristin’s response!

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