DAY 1:  Social Distance & Self-Care Challenge As more and more of us face an uncertain time at home, we here at Livable Solutions Professional Organizing wanted to help inspire you each day make the most of your extra time to make positive improvements in your life.  All of our organizers are practicing social distancing […]

Since my son turned 4 LEGOS have been slowly multiplying in my house.  Finding a way to organize LEGOS has been one of my greatest challenges as a parent and Professional Organizer. It started with a few small sets.  Then the sets began to grow each year at birthdays and holidays.  Family members saw my

Are you beginning to stress about tax season because your lack of a usable file system?  Is your paperwork in unruly piles in various rooms in your house?  Dealing with daily paperwork is one of the biggest problems our clients deal with.  Tax season amplifies this stress when there is a demand for certain documents. 

All the professional organizers at Livable Solutions Professional Organizing got a great laugh when we saw this picture today.   All three of us are moms to multiple kids who are 4 or less.  We love to involve our kids in the organization process, yet the results aren’t always up to our standards!  We hope

It is January and it is National Get Organized Month!  What are you doing this year to get more organized?  Now is the time to make your plan and start checking off the items you have been avoiding for so long.  It is also my favorite time of year because you can review, reset and

Heather, Lindsay and I wish all of you a very happy and healthy holiday season.  We look forward to helping you in the New Year.  National Organizing Month is just around the corner and we are ready to help you sort, purge, contain and organize your space, time and life. See you in the New

It can be stressful to think of gifts for all of the loved ones in your life.  I came across this list a couple of months ago and saved sharing it for the holidays.  It is 100 ideas for gifts that will not increase the clutter in your friend’s and family’s homes.  Happy gifting! http://www.humoroushomemaking.com/100-clutter-free-gifts-for-everyone

Did you ever wonder what happens to all of the old clothes they can’t sell at Goodwill? This article goes through the process from donation to recycling of the fabric.  Did you know that most clothes can be recycled?  If they aren’t they can leave a huge footprint in our landfills.  Think about this next

What once were considered useful reminder tools have now become constant interrupters in our productivity each day. Notifications on your phone can make you jump at every ping. With more and more apps using them, I see my clients constantly pause and lose their focus when they are near their phone. We sometimes forget we

Feeling overwhelmed by the paper constantly coming into your house. Always open the mail over the garbage/recycling can. Go a step further and use these great websites to unsubscribe from mailing lists: www.catalogchoice.org and www.paperkarma.com