A Crazy American Mom Moves her Family to London

All my married life we had considered a move. We discussed moving to California. We discussed moving to Texas. We even discussed moving to Fairfield County. My husband deserves an award. He has been traveling the globe in an effort to keep his family happy and keep me close to my family. Now it is time for us to support him, so we made a family decision to temporary relocate to London so he doesn’t have to travel and can focus on building the company he is with.

True to my personality, we decided this last week…with  school starting on August 21st. This  leaves me about 15 days to get the kids enrolled in a school that follows the American curriculum, find a house, get someone situated in my home to watch the pets, get Visa’s, tie up any loose ends, FIND and return library books, banking, bill paying, returns, cancel subscriptions, and last but not least pack. Am I nervous? Hell yeah. I told me husband this morning that my anxiety is sitting in the back of my throat. Am I excited? YES!!! This is an adventure and I need to treat it that way.

One of my decisions is whether to pack comfortable provisions or just decide to take the basics. I know what life is like with possessions. They own me, I don’t own them. I know what life is like to clean multiple rooms, weed garden, vac pools, and run all the families activities. I was thinking about living in an apartment, taking minimal things, and making an attempt to live simply. Now that to me is an adventure. Going to unknown places, meeting strange faces, and doing things that I would never consider here at home.

Each day I will give you a quick update as to my progress and whether or not I can pull this off.  I will let you know how it feels to live simply. I will take you to my first English pub and I will share the ups and downs to living abroad.  I will also reach out to  Professional Organizer, Kristin Mastromarino, @ livablesolutions.com  for her advice on how to handle this move. Stay posted and if anyone has any tips on living in England, I would love to hear from you!

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