4 Easy Steps to Organize Your Crafts and Hobbies

Crafts and other hobbies are supposed to be a fun and relaxing activities, but sometimes they get a bit out of hand.  By keeping tools, supplies, and other necessary items organized we can have more fun doing the activities we love!  Take some time to follow these 4 steps and you’ll be able to more fully enjoy any hobby.

1. Separate items into like piles (all beads together, scrapbooking material, etc.)

2. Find appropriate storage bins, totes, cabinets and rolling carts to store these supplies in. Perhaps using old flea market finds such as an antique spice rack with drawers, a hoosier cabinet or wood tool box. Use cargo boxes or wire in/out racks to keep paper supplies neat (check out options at www.theorganizedlifestyelstore.com for ideas on helpful and inexpensive products).

3. Use a label maker to label boxes, bins & notebooks to quickly locate supplies.

4.  Once done with your activity, make sure to take 1 minute to put all the supplies back in their appropriate place.  It will allow you to have more fun next time you choose to do this activity!

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