Is it Time to Get Organized?

Do you miss appointments?

Do you forget to pay your bills because you lose them in the clutter?

Are you unable to find important documents?

Are you scared opening your closets will cause an avalanche?

Do you frequently feel like you can't keep it together?

Are you embarassed to have guests at your house?

Do you try to do everything at once and quickly lose focus?

Do you wish you had a personal assistant?

We Can Help!


5 Ways to Control Paper Clutter

1. Only keep magazines for one month. If you haven't read it by the next issue, toss it.

2. Use a tickler file to create a quick file system for your

every day paper.

3. Open your mail over the trash can each day to eliminate junk mail immediately.

4. Don't save papers just to remind you of something. Immediately record the task or event on a calendar or to do list and toss the paper.

5. If you can't donate to a charity when you recieve their solicitation toss it immediately. They won't forget you!

Benefits of Livable Solutions Professional Organizer

  • Save money in late fees and duplicate purchases
  • Create more time for the activities you love
  • Know where to find what you are looking for
  • Accountability to get the job done
  • A personal coach to keep you motivated
  • Sense of accomplishment for what you have been putting off


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